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Kāmo Management Services (Kāmo), owned by Annie Wiest, is responding to the (Request for Proposal (RFP).  Kāmo will be the prime contractor and serve as the single point of contact for the contract. A brief profile of the organization is included below.

Kāmo Management Services LLC

Kāmo Management Services (Kāmo) is a minority female owned association management firm, based in Pennsylvania, that specializes in the management of small to mid-sized associations. We support our clients to successfully fulfill their mission by providing high quality, cost-effective management services tailored to their particular operations, needs and strategic goals.

The Kāmo team works closely with association officers and volunteers to consistently provide value to the association and its membership. We support our clients through the coordination of operations, managing the technology needs, preparing background information and decision-based documents, providing support in planning and implementing special client projects and events, managing dues process and membership database, coordinating clients’ publications, designing and creating promotional material and providing customer services to clients’ members. Kāmo’s staff is trained to support existing and potential clients in a professional manner.

The Kāmo team holds weekly meetings to discuss the needs of individual clients to ensure that all aspects of client needs are met, and to avoid duplicate efforts.

As a non-profit association, we understand the challenges involved with balancing high-quality educational content with cost-effective solutions, while maintaining flexibility to meet the unique needs of each client.

With a deep passion and commitment towards streamlining operational and board responsibilities, we offer the following services to non-profit associations who seek to provide better services for their members and board including but not limited to:

  • Management of client financials
  • Printing and bulk mail capabilities
  • Association/membership dues and subscription management
  • Professional publishing and editing staff
  • Website design and hosting
  • Exhibit sales and sponsorships
  • Marketing and program material
  • Meeting and event management

Our Team